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Customer Reviews: What ContourMD Clients Have To Say

At ContourMD we’ve been creating custom-fit compression garments and bespoke Shapewear since 1982. Our dedication to the customer service experience and quality has made us a cult favorite & it’s easy to see why the customer reviews don’t lie!

  ContourMD Customer feedback

Customer Service

ContourMD has you covered every step of the way! When you order with us, you aren’t dealing with a distribution center or a box store. At ContourMD we value customer feedback and we actually listen to what our customers have to say. 

ContourMD mask donation to Customers


When it comes to shapewear, the choices can be overwhelming. You may know some of the brands, but what do you know about their quality? You may have seen the ads, but what do you know about their customer experience? That is why it is so important to read customer reviews! What happens if it doesn’t fit, the wrong color, the wrong size, the wrong product? Then what? 

Wrong Size? 

ContourMD offers you a free measuring tape to help you get started off right.  Our shapewear is custom-made to your measurements so your fit is guaranteed. If it’s not right when it arrives, we’ll make it right for you. It’s that easy. 

Wrong Garment?  

We’re just human. Sometimes things get mixed up but an exchange is quick and easy. ContourMD is made right here in the USA & our customer service team is quick to make things right. No matter what stage of compression, or shapewear, we have what you need. 

What Next?

Whether you’re going through a recovery process or you’re looking for daily shapewear, ContourMD has everything you need to feel comfortable and confident every day no matter what you wear.

Customer Feedback

Customer Review of ContourMD's business

PPE Products

When Covid hit in 2020, ContourMD pivoted to add personal protection equipment to their lineup.

Contour MD Customer Feedback


By providing quality PPE to our clients we’re also able to provide masks for a variety of community resources through our Mask Match initiative. We set a goal of 100,000 face masks & until we reach that goal, orders of our 3-Ply Face Masks will be matched 1-1 in direct PPE donations to underfunded Kansas City services like food banks, homeless shelters, and mental health services.

Simply purchase one or more boxes for yourself and we’ll donate a matching number in your name, or you can directly sponsor a purchase of masks for one of our sponsored charities! No code is needed, we will automatically match the first 100 boxes per order.

At ContourMD we are dedicated to serving our clients and our community. If there is anything you need during the shapewear shopping process, we are here to help. Free free to give us a call or send over an email with any questions you have along the way.

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