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A Guide to Compression Bras

Most women don’t know anything about compression bras. Compression bras are as comfortable as possible. They are convenient to put on and take off, and they even give you good shape and support. Many women who use a compression bra after breast augmentation surgery find that they like to wear it even after they have recovered from their surgery.

Types of Surgery

There are a few types of surgery that women can have which change the way the breasts lie on the body. These are breast augmentation surgery, and that includes breast reductions, breast implants, and breast reconstruction, including breast reconstruction after mastectomy. All of these procedures will leave a woman with stitches and one of the best ways to help the healing process is to provide pressure and support, while keeping the breasts secure and comfortable.

Compression bras do all those things. They are very supportive, providing pressure to keep the breasts from moving and irritating stitches or healing wounds. And they are comfortable and keep the breasts just where you want them to be. A compression bra that is well made is going to be both comfortable and comforting to the patient, and will provide a flattering shape so that you don’t feel like you look awkward after your surgery.

Like a Normal Bra – With Benefits

Most compression bras are similar to a regular bra, but provide additional support and cozy compression. Many have the same shape, but have wider, more comfortable straps that are also adjustable. That adjustability helps to ensure a perfect fit. They are also often opened and closed in the front, so that it’s easy for you to take the bra on and off. After surgery, you won’t want to do a lot of stretching and reaching. Plus, the front opening allows your doctor to easily check and ensure that things are going as expected.

Many styles of compression bra are also designed specifically with post-surgical comfort in mind. Therefore they often have a wide strap below the breasts to provide maximum support. And both the sides and back are also wide for comfort and support.

More Supportive and Extensive Options

There are also compression bra styles that are more like a sports bra, with even more coverage. Some provide pressure on the upper chest, so that the breasts don’t move at all. There are some compression bras that look like a halter top. And there are also compression bras with sleeves, which help provide compression after arm lift surgery or liposuction.

Talk to your doctor about what style of compression bra will be best for you, depending on the surgery and recovery you will experience. You are sure to find a compression bra that is comfortable and helpful.

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