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Compression with Compassion

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About ContourMD

About US

ContourMD® is the leading and premier source for compression garments.

Our surgical garments are trusted by numerous surgeons, physicians, medical professionals and patients across the country. We are highly known for exceeding expectations and understanding both compression technology and the recovery process.


The benefits of the ContourMD® compression garments include maximizing the healing potential and providing increased comfort and circulation.

They help prevent the formation of fluid (also known as seromas) to heal down the underlying tissues. Compression garments give support as well as controlling the body’s natural healing ability by compressing the layers of skin, so they can properly heal together. They can improve the appearance of scarring and help your body adapt to its new shape, while reducing the risk of your body developing a lax appearance. Overall, compression garments provide smoother, tighter and more attractive surgical results.

The Contour Difference

ContourMD® is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal healing and the best results possible.

After surgery, compression garments are one of the most significant parts of the recovery process for a wide array of procedures.

Are you planning on undergoing plastic surgery or an other medical procedure that requires a compression garment? These garments are needed for comfort and support to achieve optimal results after surgery. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and one of the key ingredients of your aesthetic results is the physical recovery, which is why it’s so important to wear a compression garment. This simple step can make an overall dramatic difference in your surgical outcome.

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The Contour Difference

There are many compression garments out there that cause discomfort and irritate the skin instead of helping patients with the healing process.

Our compression garments at ContourMD® are designed to accommodate your surgical recovery. We provide a wide selection of different, high-quality garments for the various stages of recovery.

manage swelling and bruising

While reducing the chances of other risks and complications.


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What Are Compression Garments?

Compression garments are post-op, therapeutic aids engineered to help you recover with comfort, speed and confidence.

No matter your body type, gender, surgical procedure, recovery timeline or lifestyle, compression garments can help

Reduces swelling and bruising

Optimizes and speeds up the healing process

Lowers the risk of bleeding

Reducing the risks of scarring

Shapes & contours the targeted areas

Reduces complications of infections


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What our Customers are saying

Jul 03, 2020 It was very easy to find their website and I was very pleased with the advertising on the products which made it easy to continue shopping. I also love that they ask for your surgery date! 5 stars


Mar 10, 2020 I found this site on google ads when looking for medical grade products to use post lipo and bbl and they have everything and great prices.

A. Vasquez

Mar 31, 2020 I had a tummy tuck back last year and using the countourmd, really helped me recover greatly, espically with the swelling. Couldn't have recommended a better product.


Aug 10, 2020 The contour MD bras are the best in their support and comfort after my breast surgery. My surgeon is reccomend this brand to patients. I think they work the best. I tried an Amazon bra, to try and save money, but it went straight back because of the lack of support it offered compared to the Contour MD brand.



During the first stage of ContourMD® Healing Garments, the average recommended duration of wearing compression garments is around two to four weeks

You should wear your compression garment at all times, except to bathe. But even after showering you should immediately put your compression garment back on. This is because when you remove your garment, your body will begin to expand from fluid entering the surgical area.

They also require hand laundering and air drying, so getting a second compression garment is definitely a wise decision. Overall, this phase helps reduce the overall swelling and maintains an even contour.

The most common type of liposuction procedure known as tumescent liposuction is a good example, where tumescent fluid is injected into the body while performing the surgery. It helps loosen the fat cells, making it easier for plastic surgeons to liposuction the fat from the targeted areas of your body. The first stage post-operative garment assists with the open drainage process to help drain out the tumescent fluid from the body, which lessens the patients bruising and swelling, and optimizes the healing process. Most of this is done within the first 24 hours after surgery. Keep in mind that with the drainage tubes in place, there will be fluid coming out of these tubes. It is important to keep things clean, sterile and as dry as possible.


When your first stage of recovery is finished, you will progress to the second stage ContourMD® Recovery Garments.

These garments have additional inner compression panels, which provides greater compression to ensure proper skin retraction and tissue adherence. During this stage, your body will not create as much fluid at the surgical site, and as a result, you can limit the amount of time you wear your compression garment.

The additional changes in your second stage garment may include a closed crotch and the removal of zippers and hook and eye closures. This phase could last around two to four more weeks or more.


During the third stage of ContourMD® Everyday Garments, your body’s new contours and definitions will be more visible.

Even though each individual varies and everyone heals at a different rate, post-operative swelling can last for a few months. So it may be necessary to still wear a compression garment. Most patients wear third stage garments, also known as shape wear to achieve and maintain their desired look.

Our goal at ContourMD® is for you to ‘Recover in Comfort’. The comfort, adequate tightness, quality construction and garment design are significant when choosing your compression garment, which is why ContourMD® only uses high-quality material and proper levels of compression for each garment. They are designed to mold your body into a contoured, hourglass shape without sacrificing comfort. Since compression garments must be worn for a lengthy period of time, ContourMD® has designed its garments for elegance and good hygiene.

stages of healing

Learn about the stages of healing and what your body goes through after surgery to understand why the right neck lift compression garment is critical to reaching the results you are looking for.


Stage 1 Garment

1-2 weeks after surgery

The healing process begins immediately after your neck lift surgery.

Once the procedure is finished, a compression garment is placed and adjusted to ensure proper fit by the surgeon or someone from the medical team. It is very beneficial to rest, relax, and let your body heal properly after surgery.

A Stage I neck lift compression garment promotes healing by lessening the amount of fluid build-up, reducing swelling, and preventing bruising. It can provide stability to the treated areas on your face and neck, while also keeping the surgical site together. This will improve the outcome of the facial and neck contour, and minimize the appearance of scarring. The compression garment will also reduce the risk of infection. During Stage I, you should wear this garment at all times, except when you’re either bathing or in the shower.

recommended stage 1 garments


Stage 1 Garment

2-4 weeks after surgery

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recommended stage 2 garments

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