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About Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation is also known as Chin Implant Surgery, Genioplasty, or Mentoplasty.

Disproportionate facial features can emphasize the size of the nose or your overall appearance.

Enhancing Facial Harmony with Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation, or genioplasty/mentoplasty, enhances the chin’s bone contour for improved facial balance. This procedure, often for an under-projected chin, aims to restore harmony.

Understanding Chin Augmentation

Chin surgery defines an underdeveloped chin, closely tied to nose size. Often combined with rhinoplasty, it contributes to overall facial proportions.

The Procedure Unveiled

Chin surgery, awake or asleep, involves incisions below the chin or inside the mouth. Expect a brief 5-7 day recovery, commonly combined with neck or facelift surgery.

Types of Chin Surgeries

Chin Augmentation/Implants

Enhancing an underprojected chin, this surgery places an implant directly on the bone. Incisions, inside the mouth or under the skin, close with sutures, with mild swelling subsiding in days.

Chin Reduction Surgery

For a prominent chin, surgery under general anesthesia removes excess bone, contouring to the desired shape. Recovery involves minimal downtime when using a Facioplasty Compression Garment.

Exploring Advanced Options

Recent advances offer FDA-approved gel fillers for off-label chin surgery. Surgeons recommend this after thorough consideration of options, risks, and benefits.

Your Path to Facial Harmony

Chin augmentation, whether for enhancement or reduction, aims for facial balance and confidence. Surgeons recommend interventions to harmonize facial features for a well-proportioned chin, jaw, cheek, and forehead.

In summary, chin augmentation transforms toward facial harmony and self-esteem. Choose the right procedure aligned with your goals and consult for personalized recommendations.

Recover in Comfort & Safety

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