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About Butt Implants

Buttock Implants are also known as Gluteal Augmentation, Gluteal Implants, or Gluteoplasty.

Some patients desire a fuller, more curvier buttocks to improve their appearance.

Enhancing Your Buttocks: Understanding Buttock Augmentation

Introduction to Buttock Augmentation

Discover the world of buttock enhancement surgeries and the various techniques used to achieve fuller, more shapely buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation Techniques

Explore the methods of buttock augmentation, including the use of silicone-filled implants and fat grafting, often referred to as the Brazilian butt lift.

Urgent Warning: Risks of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Stay informed about the risks associated with Brazilian butt lifts as issued by Plastic Surgery Societies. Prioritize safety in your decision-making process.

Benefits of Buttock Augmentation

Learn how buttock augmentation can increase fullness, roundness, and projection while improving overall figure balance. Enhance self-image and self-confidence through this transformative procedure.

Achieving Toned Beauty: The Buttock Lift

Introduction to Buttock Lift

Discover how a buttock lift, or gluteal lift, can improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissues supporting skin and fat in the buttock area.

Causes of Sagging Buttocks

Understand the factors such as aging, sun damage, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and genetics that contribute to poor tissue elasticity leading to sagging buttocks.

What a Buttock Lift Can and Can’t Do

Clarify the expectations of a buttock lift, including its limitations. Differentiate between procedures for volume addition and those focused on skin and tissue improvement.

Comprehensive Approach: Combining Procedures

Explore how a buttock lift may be included in a body lift or performed separately for a smoother and more pleasing contour.

Butt Implants: Permanent Solutions for Shape and Volume

Overview of Butt Implants

Get detailed insights into the world of butt implants, a permanent solution for adding volume to flat or square-shaped buttocks.

Natural Look and Safety

Understand the placement of implants and the safety considerations associated with butt implant surgery. Compare butt implants to Brazilian butt lifts for a well-informed decision.

Ideal Candidates and Preparations

Identify who makes a good candidate for butt implants and the necessary preparations for a successful surgery. Learn about factors that may disqualify individuals from this procedure.

Surgery Details and Aftercare

Gain a step-by-step understanding of butt implant surgery, from preparation to recovery. Explore the benefits, risks, and long-term outlook associated with this cosmetic procedure.

Recovery and Results

Plan your recovery journey, including timelines for returning to work and exercise. Manage expectations regarding swelling and scarring, ensuring a satisfactory outcome. Utilize medical-grade BBL Faja compression garments to maximize your recovery and results!

Check out our full line of Brazilian Butt Lift Compression garments to help you recover in comfort and safety. 

When to Seek Medical Attention

Understand the signs that warrant contacting your plastic surgeon post-surgery. Prioritize your well-being by recognizing potential complications and seeking timely medical advice.

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Recover in Comfort & Safety

ContourMD has more than 40 years of experience in the medical industry of post-surgical compression garments.

Butt Implant Recovery Garments
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ContourMD® is proud to offer high-quality compression garments with insightful features to achieve optimal results in less time during the recovery process, while also reducing unwanted side effects and risks. The compression garments at ContourMD® fit every defined curve and subtle contour of the body, giving patients complete comfort and relaxation after surgery. Contact us today to learn more about our compression garments for abdominoplasty surgery.

Butt Implant Compression Garments


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