Bra Compression Garments

Bra Compression

What is a Bra Compression Garment?

Bra compression garments are more than just a “compression bra” (which most people consider sports bras). Bra compression garments are specially designed to enhance post-surgery recovery in order to improve circulation and blood flow.

This can help you heal faster, reduce scarring, and Recover in Comfort™️. These recovery products are made with high-quality materials that can apply pressure to the chest. Breast compression involves a level of pressure that directly affects the healing of your incision sites and blood flow. It compresses the layers of the skin to heal together.

These garments are for patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures, such as breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation.

Following one of these cosmetic breast surgeries and after initial gauze and bandages are no longer necessary, you will be placed in a bra compression garment in order to reduce bruising and swelling. They can also be used in conjunction with drainage tubes to help excess fluid drain away from the incision sites.

Bra compression garments



ContourMD® products are specifically tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results.

✓ Improve Blood Circulation

✓ Manage and Reduce Fluids

✓ Optimize and Decrease Recovery Time

✓ Less Pain and Discomfort During Healing Process

✓ Reduce Swelling and Bruising

✓ Shape and Contour Your Results

Why Do I Need a Bra Compression Garment?

Wearing a bra compression garment is an essential part on your road to a speedy recovery.

Swelling is one of the most common symptoms and biggest concerns after patients undergo surgical procedures.

Significantly, one of the most important factors to reduce swelling and other uncomfortable side effects is rest.When your surgery is finished, you may be wrapped in bandages. This could also include tubes coming out of the incision sites, which allows the drainage of excess fluids. Resting allows your arms to handle the changes made and begin the process of closing your wounds.

The second most important component after surgery is to wear a high-quality compression garment. Breast compression with a medical garment accelerates the healing process, improves overall blood circulation and reduces swelling by preventing dangerous fluid buildup. It also encourages your body to fit better into its new contoured, shape, which decreases the likelihood of any sagging to unwanted side-effects.