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About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a blanket term used to discuss a set of long-term weight-loss procedures & surgeries (or WLS).

Those looking for a drastic weight loss measure often turn to various forms of bariatric surgery to help achieve their goals along with the implementation of major lifestyle changes.


Once you’ve decided that the bariatric and weight loss procedure is the best fit to properly address your unique needs and concerns, your surgeon and the medical team will have a conversation with you about your recovery during the pre-op appointment and on the day of your surgery.

The recovery period after bariatric surgery is vital to achieving your long-term aesthetic goals – as the surgery itself. If you are not sure where to start, ContourMD® is here to help. The design of our bariatric compression garments are tailored to compliment your aesthetic goals and individual anatomy.

The Stages of Healing

Learn about the stages of healing and what your body goes through after surgery to understand why the right bariatric compression garment is critical to reaching the results you are looking for.


Stage I Garments

3 weeks after surgery

The healing process begins immediately after your bariatric surgery.

Once the procedure is finished, bandages, a compression garment and surgical drains are placed and adjusted to ensure proper fit by the surgeon or someone from the medical team. It is very beneficial to rest, relax, and let your body heal properly after surgery.

A Stage I bariatric compression garment promotes healing by lessening the amount of fluid build-up, reducing swelling, and preventing bruising. It can provide stability to the treated areas, while also keeping the surgical site together. This will improve the outcome of the body’s contour, and minimize the appearance of scarring. The compression garment will also reduce the risk of infection. During Stage I, you should wear this garment at all times, except when you’re either bathing or in the shower.

Recommended Stage I Garments


Stage II Garments

6 months after Stage I

Gradually, as you recover you should notice less and less fluid in the tissues.

This is when you will want to switch to Stage II for your bariatric compression garments.

A Stage II compression garment will help in keeping optimal compression on the treated area(s). This should improve your comfort level significantly, so you’re able to return to some lighter activities. Before your surgery, your plastic surgeon will go through all of this with you, and will also be given detailed post-op instructions. If instructions are followed and your bariatric surgery garment is properly worn, there will be noticeable and immediate improvement. It is crucial to wear your compression garment after surgery to achieve optimal results.

Recommended Stage II garments


Stage III Garments

Can be worn indefinitely after after Stage II

Many patients aren’t ready to end the garment process, so they choose to wear a Stage III garment for comfort and to optimize their results.

This stage is about maintaining an overall look and feel that is desired by the patient. Stage III garments, also known as Shapewear are mainly worn by patients who want their most desired look.

Recommended Stage III garments

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Recover in Comfort™

ContourMD® has more than 30 years of experience in the medical industry of post-surgical compression garments.

We have effectively helped and catered to the recovery of patients during their surgical procedures, and the management of chronic medical conditions. ContourMD® is the leading and premier source for compression garments. Our surgical garments are trusted by numerous surgeons, physicians, medical professionals and patients across the country. We are highly known for exceeding expectations and understanding both compression technology and the recovery process.

ContourMD® is proud to offer high-quality compression garments with insightful features to achieve optimal results in less time during the recovery process, while also reducing unwanted side effects and risks. The compression garments at ContourMD® fit every defined curve and subtle contour of the body, giving patients complete comfort and relaxation after surgery. Contact us today to learn more about our compression garments for bariatric surgery.