What is an Arm Compression Garment or Arm Compression Sleeve?

The best arm compression garment is made with high quality materials that can apply pressure to the body. Not to mention, these medical grade garments are well suited for arm compression for an arm lift, lymphedema, or arm liposuction.

The Healing Power of Arm Compression Garments:

Arm compression garments involve a level of pressure that directly affects the healing of your incision sites and blood flow. So, it compresses the layers of the skin to heal together. Besides, our postsurgical compression garments have proven to be effective in providing targeted support during the post-surgery recovery process.

Cosmetic Procedures and Arm Compression Garments:

These garments are for patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures, such as arm liposuction and arm lifts, also known as Brachioplasty. For example, this involves removing excess skin and fat from the triceps and underarm areas, which results in a tighter and smoother appearance of the upper arms, which looks more toned and youthful.

Experience optimal healing and targeted support with our range of Arm Compression Sleeves and Shoulder Compression Sleeves. Crafted through the collaboration of surgeons and upper body recovery specialists, our compression garments are designed to shape and support during the post-surgery recovery process. Utilizing advanced medical-grade compression technology, our products ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Targeted Support with Arm Compression Sleeves:

Benefit from Targeted Support with Compression Garments for Arms & Shoulders. Our arm compression sleeves deliver focused support, aiding in post-surgical recovery by reducing swelling and providing key compression to the arm and shoulder areas. Of course, our compression sleeves are recommended for use after undergoing several cosmetic procedures involving the arms. For example, upper arm lipo, lymphedema, liposuction, underarm procedures, fat transfer to the breast, and breast augmentation.

Explore our selection of arm compression garments tailored to specific needs. From arm-focused compression to full coverage including the upper chest, abdomen, and upper thighs, our sleeved bralet and leotard options cater to diverse recovery requirements.

Comprehensive Recovery with Compression Garments:

Compression garments have proved their effectiveness in post-op recovery for a range of upper body medical and surgical procedures. Ensuring comfort during the recovery period, our compression sleeves feature outward-facing seams, no hard underwires, and expandable cups for adaptability to changing breast sizes.

And, many people are required to wear compression sleeves or other upper extremity compression garments after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Overall, properly fitted compression sleeves, featuring the correct grade of medical compression, have been proven to provide relief.

Choose optimal healing and comfort with our Arm Compression Sleeves and Shoulder Compression Sleeves, designed to meet the unique needs of post-surgery recovery. For additional options, explore our Compression Vest (Style 6) and Breast Reduction Compression Garments for a comprehensive recovery experience.

Plus, Below, you will learn which arm compression garment is best after lipo, treating lymphedema, and how long to wear your compression sleeves after arm lipo. In addition, we have arm compression garments in plus size, so, we can help each individual.


Why Do I Need an Arm Compression Garment?

Wearing arm compression garments is an essential part of your road to a speedy recovery. Most importantly, arm compression garments help by increasing blood circulation, and improving muscle tone.


Using a medical garment can assist in a more comfortable recovery. The perfect level of compression has a soothing effect on the skin while easing your discomfort throughout the healing process. Overall, it is highly recommended to wear your arm garment, in order to speed up the recovery process, and improve surgery results.

Arm Compression Garments
Arm Compression Garments

Medical compression garments speed up the healing process. improve overall blood circulation. They also, reduce swelling by preventing fluid buildup. Additionally, compression garments encourage your body to fit better into its new shape. This decreases the likelihood of any sagging to unwanted side effects.

Arm Compression Garment

Benefits of Arm Compression Garments

ContourMD products are tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results, for example:


Improve Blood Flow


Manage and Reduce Fluids


Optimize and Decrease Recovery Time


Less Pain and Discomfort During Healing Process


Reduce Swelling and Bruising


Shape and Contour Your Results

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