A Recovery Guide for Abdominoplasty

A Recovery Guide for Abdominoplasty

Are you going for a tummy tuck? Your surgeon and his team might use the word abdominoplasty, the technical term for a tummy tuck. For many people, the most significant part of getting an abdominoplasty is the decision. Any surgery will involve a certain amount of risk, time away from work, family, and social activities.

So is it worthwhile to have abdominoplasty? If you’ve decided that the answer is yes, the following steps will fall into place quickly. The right surgeon is essential, they will give you a lot of advice about preparing for the abdominoplasty.

But what will you do afterward?

Abdominoplasty recovery is nothing to overlook. You’re going to be in recovery for a few days, if not weeks, depending on the extent of your surgery and the type of abdominoplasty you select.

Most people don’t realize that they’re going to feel weak, tired, and vulnerable following their abdominoplasty. They’ll need some recovery time before being able to get back to being active again. It’s not impossible, of course, and many people go through abdominoplasty recovery and feel great about themselves afterward.

Shortening Abdominoplasty Recovery Times

If you want your abdominoplasty recovery to go as quickly as possible and as easy as possible, it makes sense to prepare.

First of all, make sure you talk to your surgeon about any pain medications you will have access to after your surgery. You may also feel nausea after surgery, so taking anti-nausea or anti-emetic meds is good. Your surgeon will likely talk to you about these options before you have the abdominoplasty, but if not, you should ask.

If you feel pain or discomfort, find out what else is available to you. You don’t have to suffer through your abdominoplasty recovery. Next, you’ll want to learn about compression garments to help your abdominoplasty recovery smoothly and quickly.

Compression garments will hold your abdomen tightly, giving you both the sensation of support and protection during this weakness and vulnerability. The best effects of compression garments during abdominoplasty recovery include better results and shortened recovery time.

That means you’ll get better more quickly, and you’ll look better if you follow your surgeon’s recommendations about using compression garments.

Give Yourself Time

And, of course, you must give yourself enough time to have a complete abdominoplasty recovery before you go back to your regular schedule. You’ll need to start doing physical activities again, and exercise will help you have a full abdominoplasty recovery.

But at first, your body will need to rest and recover on its own. Don’t rush back into life; it’ll extend when you feel like you’re in abdominoplasty recovery rather than make you feel better. Whenever you are in doubt, always reference your Recovery Guide to Abdominoplasty, and you will know what to expect!

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