Abdominal Garments

What is an Abdominal Compression Garment?

High-quality materials, in abdominal binders and compression garments, actively apply pressure to the abdominal area.

Maximize Healing Potential with Abdominal Compression

Abdominal compression is vital for post-surgical recovery, expediting healing, improving blood circulation, and preventing dangerous fluid buildup.

Beyond its medical benefits, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the contoured shape and minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects like sagging.

Medical Benefits of Abdominal Compression:

Accelerate Healing and Improve Circulation

First, abdominal compression, supported by a medical-grade garment, accelerates healing by optimizing blood circulation.

In addition, this efficient process not only promotes overall well-being but also prevents fluid buildup, creating an environment conducive to a smoother recovery.

Ensuring a Well-Fitted Contoured Shape

Next, the use of a medical-grade abdominal compression garment encourages the body to adapt seamlessly to its new contours.

More importantly, this proactive measure significantly reduces the likelihood of sagging and ensures that the desired results of the surgery are maintained.

Moreover, it acts as a supportive partner in the transformative journey towards a firmer and more sculpted abdomen.

Comfortable Recovery with Compression Garments:

Soothing Effect on the Skin

Beyond the medical benefits, the perfect level of compression from a medical-grade garment offers a soothing effect on the skin.

Furthermore, this aspect is crucial in easing discomfort during the recovery process, creating a more comfortable experience for individuals undergoing abdominal surgeries.

Highly Recommended Practice

In addition, wearing abdominal or compression garments is crucial for expediting recovery and improving surgery results.

This combination of medical benefits and enhanced comfort is indispensable for ensuring optimal outcomes and a positive recovery experience.

Lastly, incorporating medical-grade abdominal compression accelerates healing, enhances overall surgery results, and fosters a comfortable recovery.

Finally, this practice serves as a supportive ally in achieving the desired contoured shape and mitigating potential side effects. It ensures a successful and satisfying post-surgical transformation.

Abdominal Garments

Why use abdominal garments?

ContourMD® abdominal garments are specifically tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results.


Improve Blood Circulation


Less Pain & Discomfort During Healing Process


Manage & Reduce Fluids


Reduce Swelling & Bruising


Optimize & Decrease Recovery Time


Shape & Contour Your Results

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