Abdominal Compression Garments

Abdominal Compression

What is an Abdominal Compression Garment?

Abdominal binders and compression garments are made with high-quality materials that can apply pressure to the abdominal area.

Following tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) surgery, your body and internal organs will be healing. Abdominal compression involves a level of pressure that directly affects the healing of your incision sites and blood flow. It compresses the layers of the skin to heal smoothly and tightly together.

ContourMD® abdominal compression garments are specifically designed to add external pressure to the areas of your abdomen where incisions were made, and can even be individually customized to fit drainage tubes.

Abdominal compression garments


ContourMD® products are specifically tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results.

✓ Improve Blood Circulation

✓ Manage and Reduce Fluids

✓ Optimize and Decrease Recovery Time

✓ Less Pain and Discomfort During Healing Process

✓ Reduce Swelling and Bruising

✓ Shape and Contour Your Results

Why Do I Need an Abdominal Compression Garment?

Wearing an abdominal compression garment is an essential part on your road to a speedy recovery.

Abdominal compression with a medical garment accelerates the healing process, improves overall blood circulation and reduces swelling by preventing dangerous fluid buildup. It also encourages your body to fit better into its new contoured, shape, which decreases the likelihood of any sagging to unwanted side-effects.

Besides the medical benefits of abdominal compression, using a medical garment can assist in a more comfortable recovery. The perfect level of compression has a soothing effect on the skin, while easing your discomfort throughout the healing process. Overall, it is highly recommended to wear your abdominal binder or compression garment, in order to accelerate the recovery process and time, and improve overall surgery results.