Alright, alright… alright? We’re not Matthew McConaughey, but we know when there’s a clear need for a product in a market and honestly, shapewear for men has been a long time coming. 

Whether it is for your own comfort after surgery or for a little extra “smooth factor” under the suit and tie, shapewear for men is here to stay. When the diet is lacking and you don’t have hours a day to focus on exercise, men everywhere are turning to shapewear to provide a controlled and slimmed appearance under their regular or work clothing. 

Are you still wondering what exactly shapewear even is? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Shapewear is a compressive garment designed to be worn under clothing to enhance your appearance or lend some of the benefits that compression provides to the body. These garments can help reduce the appearance of beer bellies or “man boobs” if you are uncomfortable with your appearance or simply want some stability in those areas. 

Shapewear can also help sculpt your body, promotes blood flow and circulation (meaning quicker recovery times from your workouts), and is a useful tool if you have undergone any type of surgical procedure like liposuction.


Other benefits of shapewear for men

Wearing shapewear and enjoying a more slim appearance may give you a little ego boost, as you’ll look like you just dropped a few lbs overnight. This can work wonders for your confidence and attitude, whether you’re giving a presentation at work, meeting over Zoom or celebrating a special event.  


Shapewear garments also offer various levels of support that are unique to your body. For example, wearing shapewear that smooths the stomach can also help improve your posture, due to the compression. This, in turn, will reduce lower back pressure and can make sitting at your desk much more comfortable. 


These garments are also worn for post-surgery support to keep everything in place as your muscles recover and heal in their proper areas. 


You can also wear shapewear to the gym, as the compression helps circulation which can improve your workouts. You can also wear shapewear to enjoy the extra support it provides for a tired or overworked back. 


And, once you get used to pulling it on and off, shapewear for men is actually pretty darn comfortable. Garments a custom made to your measurements and slide effortlessly underneath an outfit so that no one would know you are wearing it unless you told them! By choosing custom fitted shapewear, you’re guaranteed the right size of shapewear, knowing it will stay put and smooth out your appearance while providing a comfortable level of support so you can go about your daily routine with no interruption.


What types of shapewear are available for men? 

ContourMD has a number of different styles of shapewear for men. Each style serves its own unique purpose, so if you have questions that aren’t answered here or are stuck between two garments, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we would be happy to help. Here’s a great overview to help you get comfortable with how shapewear can benefit you.  


The Power Vest – This vest provides reinforced comfort and compression with adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit. No need to worry about underarm binding as there is complete freedom of movement with this product. Wear men’s shapewear vests every day under your clothing as a solution to “man boobs” and to help flatten the appearance of your chest/stomach area. Plus, no fat or extra skin can escape from under the arms with this product. With a higher level of compression, this product can be used by those who have recently completed surgeries, or by experienced shapewear users. 


The Brief (high waist) – Often those who use the brief will enjoy extra back support and a reduced appearance of their midsection. These briefs provide a lifting and shaping property along with some belly control that will hide a beer or sugar belly. Comfortable to wear under any clothes, these briefs also help avoid chaffing of the legs during hot weather, and any friction your waistbands or belts may create. With a custom fit and buttery soft finish, it’s perfect for daily wear.  


The Body Shaper (full body) – One of our more “full coverage” products, the body shaper can be used both post-surgery and on a regular basis when worn under suits or other clothes. This garment is both comfortable and properly compressive in all the right places. With adjustable shoulders straps for a customized fit, height is no issue! 


The Compression Vest – This vest provides comfort and style. Available in both black and white colors, it is a perfect addition to any wardrobe as it is virtually indistinguishable from a regular undershirt. This product can be used regularly or after a surgical procedure, as it offers a higher level of compression. Easy to get in and out of and also does not push any underarm skin out the top. 


What’s Next


Consider the purpose of your compression garment before purchasing. Are you mainly looking for support in the mid-section? The high-waisted brief is probably right for you, then. If you are looking for more upper body support in the pectoral or shoulder region, you can consider any of our vests. We even have one with sleeves, here

For a complete list of our male shapewear products, check here


Like any custom made clothing, buying the right size of shapewear can make a world of difference. Our handy sizing guide is rarely ever wrong, but make sure you have all your most recent, up-to-date measurements when selecting your garment. If you’re in-between sizes or unsure of what garment to buy, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert staff at ContourMD. We’re a family-run business so customer service is in our blood! 


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