4 Reasons Why You Need a BBL Pillow After a BBL Procedure

What Is a BBL Pillow?


Since people care about the surgery’s results more than the recovery period, many don’t know what a BBL pillow is. After undergoing this procedure, you won’t sit or sleep on your back for a good while. When you’re finally ready to sit, your doctor will prescribe you a BBL pillow to use for a few weeks.

This is because those pillows are designed in a fashion to alleviate the pressure of sitting from your butt to your thighs. Your newly transferred fats don’t get affected by sitting for long periods.

A BBL pillow has a contoured design to make sure you sit comfortably, and it has a suitable elevation to avoid exhausting your thighs.

Some people use donut-shaped pillows or regular travel ones as an alternative to BBL pillows, but they aren’t as efficient or comfortable.


Why You Need a BBL Pillow

After learning what a BBL pillow is, it’s time to know why it has a considerable role during recovery from BBL procedures.


1. Doesn’t Pressure Your Butt

To begin with, your BBL pillow will let you sit comfortably without hindering your surgery’s result. You can’t usually sit like before during the recovery period because you need to protect the newly grafted fat in your body. Those fat cells take quite the time to settle and heal, during which you can’t exert pressure on them by sitting or sleeping on your back.

Luckily, your BBL pillow will let you place your thighs on it and leave your butt hanging free. Therefore, you won’t come anywhere near your grafted fat.


2. Ideal for Everyday Use

Sitting is inevitable nearly everywhere in your daily life. You’ll need to carry your pillow with you every time you leave the house. If it’s heavy, this will be a massive inconvenience for you. But luckily, BBL pillows are very lightweight, so you won’t even feel their weight on your hands.

Also, many of them come in their bags. This way, you won’t go through the hassle of putting them in your handbag.

And for the best part, BBL pillows have small sizes that can fit nearly all chairs. So whether you’re going to the doctor’s appointment or to watch a movie at the cinema, you’ll be able to sit comfortably.


3. Prevents Fat Reabsorption

Fat reabsorption is common after BBL surgeries due to the newly grafted fat cells’ failure to survive. But how does this happen?

When you sit down, you limit the blood supply going to your butt. So, as a result, your fat cells won’t get enough blood to guarantee their survival in their new environment. But if you get a BBL pillow, you’ll be able to sit down comfortably without pressuring your butt. Your blood circulation will be normal, and your fat cells will get sufficient blood supply to survive.

Fat reabsorption might also happen because of the skin’s poor elasticity, the volume of grafted fat, the patient’s history of smoking, and ignorance of the recovery protocols. That’s why you should follow all your doctor’s recommendations closely.


4. Comfortable for Sitting

You might feel that the BBL pillow will be too uncomfortable for you. However, those pillows have suitable elevations, robust support systems, and ergonomic designs to ensure your comfort.

Also, most BBL pillows are made from memory foam. This type of foam uses your body’s pressure and heat to contour itself, making it more comfortable every time you sit on it.

If you’re worried about your BBL pillow collapsing under your thighs’ weight, rest assured that those pillows have firm supports that can take nearly 200 pounds. So, if you position the pillow correctly and support your back, you’ll be more comfortable than ever.


What to Look For in a BBL Pillow

You need to consider four main features before purchasing a BBL pillow. Here’s a brief roundup about all of them.


Pillows’ Shape

Although most BBL pillows have ergonomic designs to ensure you sit comfortably, some are less comfortable than others.

This isn’t necessarily because they’re poorly manufactured; it might be because you bought a pillow that can’t accommodate your thighs. That’s why it’s essential to look for a shape suitable for your thighs’ size. Also, some BBL pillows come in a donut shape instead of the standard contoured one. So before purchasing, you should try both and see which one you prefer.


Manufacturing Materials

When buying a BBL pillow, you should consider that the pillow must make from a firm material. Its primary role is to disperse pressure from your butt to your thighs. So if it’s flimsy, it won’t be able to withstand your weight.

Accordingly, it’ll lose its shape and become much less comfortable to sit on. It also might cause your butt to touch the surface you’re sitting on, which is a big no after BBL procedures.

Most BBL pillows are manufactured from memory foam and standard foam. Memory foam, also commonly called compressed foam, is polyurethane, and it provides your pillow with ideal elasticity and firmness for your comfort.

If the pillow you’re looking at is manufactured from a different material, you might want to think twice before purchasing.



Some BBL pillows come with removable covers, while some don’t. Ultimately, the ones that do are much better for you. They’ll be easier for you to wash and care for without going through the headache of cleaning the entire pillow.

Most BBL pillows come with covers made from microfibers, which are synthetic fibers commonly included in manufacturing pillowcases, towels, and more.

It would be best to look for microfiber pillowcases because they’re breathable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and much easier to clean.


Pillow’s Portability

Since you’ll be taking your BBL pillow with you every day, you should ensure its portability. So before purchasing it, ensure it’s lightweight enough that it won’t bother you while carrying it. Also, it’s preferable if the pillow has a handle to make it easier for you to move it around.

For maximum portability, look for a BBL pillow with its bag.


How to Care For Your BBL Pillow

Since you’ll most probably use your BBL pillow every day, you need to know how to care for it. It’ll stay with you until your recovery period is over.

First of all, if you purchased a pillow without a removable cover, you should put one on it. Moreover, it would be best if you ideally let your cover dry in the sun after washing. This way, it’ll be refreshingly clean when you use it again. But if you don’t have enough time to do that, you can throw it in your dryer.

Finally, if your pillow has a small stain that doesn’t deserve an entire wash, you can use a mild detergent on a washcloth and water and wipe it softly. You won’t have to wait for the whole cover to dry before using it again.


Other Essentials for BBL Procedure Recovery

Now that you’ve learned all about the ever-essential BBL pillow, it’s time to know what other tools you need for your recovery period.


BBL Mattress

BBL mattresses, also commonly called BBL bed pillows, aren’t that famous on the market. However, they might make your recovery period much more comfortable.

A BBL mattress looks like any typical mattress but with a hole in the middle to accommodate your butt. This way, your butt won’t touch the bed while sleeping, and you won’t risk your procedure’s success.

However, purchasing a suitable BBL mattress is quite challenging for the following reasons. For starters, many of them have the wrong hole sizes. Now, if the hole is vast, you’ll sink in it. But if it’s small, you’ll still pressure your butt while sleeping. Also, the positioning of the hole might not be suitable for your height.

So, if the purchasing process is too complicated for you, you can settle for a BBL pillow instead. It’s also worth mentioning that those mattresses might not be the best option if you have existing back issues.


BBL Chair

As an alternative to BBL pillows, some people purchase BBL chairs. But, generally, those are only ideal for people who rarely leave the house. This way, they’ll put their chair among the other furniture and sit all day comfortably.

However, if you leave your place a lot, it won’t be practical to take your chair. That’s why the BBL pillow beats the chair in terms of portability. For ultimate practicality, you can get both and only use the BBL pillow when you leave the house.


Toilet Seat Lifter

BBL toilet seat lifters are essential after BBL procedures because they’ll save you time and effort in the bathroom. Instead of uncomfortably hunching, squatting, or hovering, you’ll be able to sit usually.

A seat lifter often has a cylinder-like design with flat sides. So, it goes comfortably under your thigh area without pressuring your butt. In addition, most toilet seat lifters are sturdy to avoid slipping underneath you while in the bathroom.


Tips to Follow After a BBL Procedure

Other than using a BBL pillow, there are other tips you should follow to ensure your procedure is successful.


Wear Your Compression Garments

Along with the BBL pillow, your doctor will prescribe you faja compression garments during the first few weeks of recovery. Those are clothes manufactured from tight, breathable fabrics, and they’ll improve your blood circulation, maintain your body’s new shape, and speed up recovery.

Ideally, you should wear BBL Faja Fat Transfer Compression Garments all day, except during showers. This ensures that your skin retracts and your lifting stays in place.


Keep Your Diet Healthy

Your doctor will most probably provide you with a detailed diet plan to follow during the recovery period. You should eat balanced meals with less fat consumption and sugar intake to avoid putting on too much weight.

Also, you’ll most likely need to avoid unhealthily indulging in salty foods because those can enhance liquid retention in your body. As a result, you might suffer from unwelcomed swelling.


Do Your Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, a BBL surgery isn’t a weight loss procedure. Instead, it’s merely transferring your body’s fat from one area to another. You’ll still need to maintain a healthy diet and an exercise routine afterward to get the body you desire.

After a BBL surgery, your doctor will tell you to stay away from high-impact exercises and physical activities. This will take about six or eight weeks; you can generally maintain a healthy exercise routine after that.

If you don’t exercise, you risk gaining weight and losing your body’s contoured shape. The exercises you can start with are squats, lunges, and plank leg raises.


Stay Hydrated

It’s essential to stay hydrated after your BBL procedure to ensure a healthy recovery. You can drink Gatorade or other power drinks during the first eight weeks to keep your body hydrated. Then, shift to fluids that keep your body’s essential electrolytes balanced. For example, you can add a tiny sprinkle of Himalayan salt to your water before drinking it.


Quit Smoking

If you’re a heavy smoker, it might be time to drop the unhealthy habit. Smoking after your BBL procedure is a wrong decision for many reasons. For starters, smoking hinders oxygen and nutrients flow to the bloodstream. So, it indirectly slows down your affected cells’ recovery.

It can affect your surgery’s result because the newly transferred fat cells need a sufficient blood supply to survive. If smoking prevents that, your body will absorb the fats, and you’ll lose the attractive shape you worked so hard to get.

Not to mention, smoking is bad for nearly all of your body’s organs. So while you’re at it, you can quit smoking altogether and shift to a healthier lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions


When Will I Be Able to Sit Normally After My BBL Procedure?

Most doctors advise that their patients don’t sit or lie down on their backs for about two to four weeks after their surgeries.

When that time is up, you’ll be able to sit using a BBL pillow. Then, after an average of six weeks of using your pillow, you’ll be able to sit usually and carry out your regular daily activities. So, all in all, it takes about two months and a half to get back to normal.


How Can I Work on My Desk After My BBL Procedure?

You can either rely on your BBL pillow to keep you comfortable for long working hours or invest in a sturdy standing desk. Alternatively, if your company isn’t too strict and allows you to move freely around, you can sleep on your stomach on the floor and position your laptop in front of you. But staying in this position for long can cause severe neck and back pain.


How Should I Sleep After My BBL Procedure?

The best sleeping position after your BBL procedure is on your stomach. Although side sleeping doesn’t include pressuring your butt, there’s always the risk of you ending up on your back in your sleep. Therefore, it’d be best if you never slept on your back until you finish at least two months of recovery, no matter what you do.


To Wrap Up


Brazilian butt lifting procedures gained a lot of splendor after many celebrities and models resorted to them. If you ever decide to undergo one, you’ll need a BBL pillow. BBL pillows are crucial during your recovery period, and they’ll improve your blood circulation, let you sit comfortably, and guarantee you the best results.

With that being said, you should keep in mind the pillow’s material, cover, shape, and portability while purchasing. Now that you know enough about BBL pillows, you can find your perfect match and have a comfortable recovery period.

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